vsf fahrradmanufaktur


Bicycles. Made in Oldenburg.

Our bikes are actually quite mature, as the first vsf fahrradmanufaktur product was already on German roads in 1987. Back then, bikes were still called bicycles, the e-bike was still in its infancy and the bicycle was everything but a serious means of transportation for everyday life.

Back in the 1980s, however, the founding fathers of the manufactory had the vision of making a contribution to the environment with handmade bicycles. With great enthusiasm, attention to detail and a preference for steel frames, they founded vsf fahrradmanufaktur.

The formative idea of manufacturing is still with us today and steel is still the material of the hour. Today, the manufactory is no longer located in Bremen, but "around the corner" in the tranquil town of Oldenburg. Here, all bikes are still carefully and lovingly assembled, built and intensively tested by hand.

Our steel frames are always the result of sophisticated craftsmanship, with a special focus on sustainability and quality.

When selecting our manufacturing partners, we attach great importance to the fact that they share our manufacturing philosophy and identify with our quality management and our pursuit of durable, high-quality steel bikes.