Stahlrahmen Gravel vsf fahrradmanufaktur


Development & design.

When the decision was made to include gravel bikes in the future model portfolio, it was already clear that we would develop the "project" entirely in Oldenburg. And this was exclusively because we were all enthusiastic about the idea and were really "up for" this topic.

Thanks to our many years of experience with steel frames and some professional cyclists and bike packers in the team, the team was quickly put together. It soon became clear that the development would perhaps benefit from an "outside perspective" and some progressive input. In line with the motto "tradition meets modernity", we then brought Johanna Jahnke, an experienced and well-known cyclist and bike podcaster, onto the team.

Entwicklung und Konstruktion Gravel vsf fahrradmanufaktur

Johanna Jahnke - there right from the start.

Who, how, what - why, why, why? Anyone who has met Johanna Jahnke knows that she has brought a lot of experience, know-how and her sustainable attitude to life to us. Johanna is constantly out and about on her bike, both privately and athletically, and has tested her own limits and those of her equipment on countless BikePacking tours or on the 4,000 km of the Transcontinental Race. The bike is a real affair of the heart for her. And so she was quickly involved in the development and testing processes of the GX series

"That's really, really good, but... ?"

With her questions, food for thought, a healthy dose of curiosity and a soft spot for the perfect functioning of a bike, she has been stimulating discussions on technical optimization since day one, which even make our experienced designers and developers ponder.