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GX 1200 Gravel Fahrrad vsf fahrradmanufaktur


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GX 900 Gravel Fahrrad vsf fahrradmanufaktur


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GX 700 Gravel Fahrrad vsf fahrradmanufaktur


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GX 500 Gravel Fahrrad vsf fahrradmanufaktur


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A gravel bike from the GX-Series.

Your best decision.

All models in the GX series are manufactured in Oldenburg, are based on high-quality steel frames and offer the best of both worlds. The gravel bikes are robust enough to be at home on unpaved roads and at the same time, fast and efficient, so that they also excel on asphalt.

 Gravel bikes in the GX series deliberately break the boundaries of the usual choice of materials and stand for a progressive and sustainable cycling culture. This is precisely why you will find the gravel bikes in the GX series in the forest and on dirt tracks as well as in the city, when bike packing or on long journeys


Worth knowing.

10-year guarantee.
No ifs, no buts.

We are so convinced of the quality of our work that we give a 10-year guarantee on steel frames and rigid forks. Incidentally, although steel has been somewhat forgotten as a material for frames - alongside materials such as aluminum, carbon or titanium - the material is impressive in terms of sustainability and its typical elasticity, which offers a high level of riding comfort without the need for suspension forks or suspension seat posts.

And this is how you do it!

Do you love BikePacking and enjoy being "at home on the road"? Is travelling by bike your thing? With more than 20 threaded eyelets, our gravel bikes really do offer a lot of attachment points, so plenty of options for attaching luggage or equipment.

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